Hoot OwlPhotography


Follow me on this, your at a picnic, you take a photo, it sits on your memory card or you print it out and you forget about it. 

Until one day, you run across it.. You see the photo for what it is, a snapshot of you. Maybe with family, maybe it was taken off guard, regardless, you see yourself. You see the stain on your shirt and remember how it got there. maybe you got in a fight with the ketchup and lost, who knows. But you do. You know exactly what happened that day. You remember the smiles, the laughs, the food and the silly moments. That photo took you back in time, you just time traveled! That's why I'm in love with what I do.


Hi, I'm Sarah!

 I was born and raised (by a single amazing mom) here in Newport News, VA. I have an amazingly supportive boyfriend, Brandon and together we have Simba, a personality filled pitbull-mastiff. He totally fits the "stereotype" too! Assuming that means being a mommy's boy that's scared of the fizz noise a bottle of Coke makes when you open it. 

I have more hands on hours with a camera than the average 22 year old should. Want to go to the bar? Not really. Do you want to go sit in a field with me while I take long exposures of the sky for hours?
I have an actual appreciation and love for photographs. To me they are moments when time stands still. I love that I can look at them and feel as though I'm traveling back in time to when it was taken and seriously, who wouldn't want to time travel?

A Little about my-bubbly-self!